About Me

Hello, I’m Tiia. I grew up with a love for music and everything arts—whether I was redesigning my bedroom, taking pictures of my dog, or creating floor plans of a home I will never be able to afford. This has now become my life as I pursue the world of Graphic Design. 

Every project I take on becomes my passion—like hiking up a mountain all day just to get an amazing photo of the sunset or teaching kids the sport of swimming. 

I’m passionate about YOU and your goals. Whatever your passion is, I want to help. Whether it’s photographing your family and capturing the beauty around you, or helping you bring your business to life by designing your brand and utilizing social media for marketing. My passion is to help you communicate YOUR passion to the world around us. 

As a second generation Finnish-Canadian, I often take inspiration from my roots in Finland. The simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian design seeps into everything I do, from the way my desk is kept to the way I live life. 

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